Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Axl Has Been Unwell Today.

I've said unwell, coz if you put ill with the i as a capital, it kind of just looks like I'm saying I've been 3 today. While I have been feeling poorly, I don't feel that I have reverted to childhood, and certainly not to being a toddler. No, I've just spent all day feeling like a very strong invisible man has been squeezing my head. Good job it was the day after my exam.
Yes, I had an exam yesterday. I worked out that it's my first exam for nine and a half years. I was totally bricking it, but I think it actually went ok. I don't wanna jinx it, but I think I've done well enough to pass. Half of it was analysing one from a selection of pieces that we hadn't seen before, and I have to say it helped that one them was a poem about female masturbation. Think I'm exaggerating or reading too much into it? Go here; http://www.arlindo-correia.com/080305.html#Against_Coupling ;and tell me it's not about how she thinks sex becomes boring and women should just have a wank instead.
I watched the news today. Oh boy, did they pile it on thick with the fact that that guy who did those bomb attacks at those airports was a doctor. The guy doing the BBC six o'clock news had to say something like "He was trained to care for the sick and needy, but today Bilal Abdullah was found guilty of trying to harm hundreds of people..." about three times. Sorry, when did TV news become presented in the style of The Jeremy Kyle Show?! Look, I'm certainly not saying that what he was trying to do wasn't terrible, and potentially horrific, but seriously, why is the news being presented to us in this way? What is the point? Are they trying to make us fear doctors from a non UK background? Or doctors in general? It seems to be just one step away from actually shouting "NO ONE IS SAFE! WE CAN'T EVEN TRUST OUR DOCTORS ANYMORE!"
But then you see the story on the BBC news website, and there's none of that. There's just a well written, detailed report, with some background and some words from officials and people connected. So why when reporting on the TV does it have to turn into a Fox News/Daily Mail style glorification of fear?! Why can't we have the intelligent journalism on the TV aswell? Is that really too much to ask now? A lot of people knock the BBC, but when it comes to news reporting and journalism, they are pretty much the best at it. Why, why, why are they dumbing down like this? It's not like they have to pander to what advertisers or sponsors want, so why are they being like everyone else? I don't want this sensationalism from the BBC, I just want the fucking NEWS, which is what they above all others are supposed to be able to give us.
I've forgotten what else I wanted to write now. Oh, if any of you think I'm over-exaggerating the sensationalism of BBC news, go here; http://greatblake.blogspot.com/2008/12/blingo-blango.html ;and check out the absolutely hideous new advert they've come up with. I would comment on this advert further, but Blake's already done a pretty good job of it here; http://greatblake.blogspot.com/2008/11/where-will-you-be-when-stuff-blows-up.html ;which was written before it was available on YouTube.


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TV is sensationalism. Neil Postman wrote about this in "Amusing Ourselves to Death" it will reaffirm everything you just said. It's a funny quick read, funny because it's true :)