Sunday, 22 June 2008

Statesvision! (or, Yet Another Million Pound Idea Again! God I'm Full Of Them. I Must Be A Genius Or Something.)

American's love to adapt an idea, don't they. From adapting UK sitcoms for a US audience (e.g "The Office", "Queer As Folk"), to adapting Asian Cinema for a US audience (e.g "The Ring", "The Eye", "Dark Water") to adapting UK reality tv for a US audience ("Pop Idol" becomes "American Idol", "Dragon's Den" becomes "American Inventor"), the US love taking an idea, remaking it on at least 4 times the originals budget, and giving back out again. Well, I reckon there's one thing they've really missed out on, and all American production companies should seriously consider this as their next big idea.


Woah there Axl, Eurovision?! But this is America!

Exactly. THIS is my idea.


May need to work on a better name for it...

Just as the European countries have a contest to see who will represent them in Eurovision, each state would have their own "Song For Iowa" style contest. The winner would go through to the semi-finals where they would be voted down to a selection for the final. This could be done not as one big semi-final like Eurovision, but could be done in stages, with the states being separated into groups (e.g, 4 groups: north-west, north-east, south-west, south-east), and a certain number from each group would be voted into the final. Then the final would be just like Eurovision. A couple of hours of mostly questionable songs, followed by a couple of hours of getting the votes of each individual state, which would tally up to find the eventual winner.

Come on America. You would fucking love this shit, and you know it.


Fat Chan said...

The problem with this idea is that, Eurovision is good to watch because it's so shit but you do get the occasionally golden bonkers number, but it's generally only good to make fun of. If America re-did it they'd make it all fancy and not shit at all. However the general concept of people doing songs for countries/states etc is one that is so cheesy and repulsive anyway that it's only saving grace is it's humour...........if America was to take it all seriously and stuff then you'd be stuck with a halfway house medium. An awful contest that takes itself too seriously to be watched by normal viewers. Sorry mate but in the words (although slightly ad-libbed) of the great Duncan Bannatyne "Ayy wernt be investin' in yer idea, eeem ooot"

The Purple Gooroo said...

I'm with Fat Chan on this one--while I would delight in watching some of my countrymen & countrywomen make fools of themselves (yet again)..I think they would take the idea far too seriously. It seems to me that the last thing the world needs is more jingoistic bullshit from America.