Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Today Axl is feeling: Cautious.

I'm gonna whisper this so's to try not to anger the many headed beast of fate into piledriving my arse right back to a few days ago, but;

I think I might actually finally be getting better.

My reasons for thinking this are that I actually managed to spend a night not in my room on my own and headed on down to Tootsie's for a big fat burger for Rob and Lee's birthday. It was pretty delicious. Today I've also been coughing up considerably less of the greeny-grey consistency-of-blu-tac phlegm that has been plaguing me since thursday. And, now this is the real tell-tale sign, today I started really hating the general public of Oxford again! Yay! God, it was like two weeks of hatred all in a day. I properly started hating those fucking arrogant little concieted cunt-flaps again, wishing they would all get hit by buses on their way home. Their pathetic little attitudes, their hideously smug feelings of superiority, I hate them all so much. I did have specific examples of their fuckwittery, but there became too many and it all just blurred into one feeling of extreme hatred. I can't wait to be away from these Oxford fucks once and for all. I love Oxford, and they ruin it. Wankers.

At this rate I may even get drunk again soon. Don't hold yer breath just yet tho'. I'll probably get tuberculosis or something.

1 comment:

Le_Gore said...

Glad to hear your better mate....
My throat is feeling quite swollen & sore, not that im pointing the finger but.

(currently strepsiling it right up)