Monday, 19 March 2007

Brain Pie.

So, I just wrote this hideously long, self-indulgent piece about how my blog had turned into some kind of obsessive public diary and not the focussed opinion and humour blog it was originally intended to be. Then as soon as I wrote it, I stopped caring and accepted it. So here we go. Grab a slice of Axl's brain right now, and this is it's list of main ingredients at the moment:

Currently listening to Foals Live 12". It's very very good indeed.
I think Enders may be right and I shall possibly be consuming my own semen when the year is over.

I'm sure this is an over-asked question, but why the fuck do people, stupid people especially, feel the need to point out the blindingly obvious? (Seriously, if one more customer says "Oooh, you don't sound too good." to me, I'm gonna bite their fucking neck off.) Is it some kind of affirmation that they do indeed have a functioning brain? Are they scared that their brains will stop working if they do not prove it to be in constant use? Or maybe it's just their mouths they're worried will stop - I've noticed that most people who do feel this incessant need to constantly state the fucking obvious are also the people who cannot handle a moments silence, and feel the need to just keep talking no matter what.

On sunday, Craig (my weekender, my apprentice, Robin to my Batman) put on the best of Johnny Cash and that song 'Man In Black' came on. It's the one where old John boy basically goes "Boo hoo, I'm so unhappy coz the world is nasty so I always wear black. I wish I could wear bright colours but I can't because the world is so horrible. Boo hoo hoo. Waaaaaaaaaah.". It made me wonder just why he'd "love to wear a rainbow every day". If I wore rainbow clothes, I'd just get really paranoid that my brothers were gonna get real jealous and push me in a pit or something.

Oh, look what you've done now. You forgot that Axl's Brain Pie is a bit flaky and as you've gone to take a bite of this slice, a loads crumbled off and fallen on the floor. I can't tell what the rest of the ingredients are now.

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han said...

your flaky brain pie has made a mess of my carpet