Friday, 2 March 2007


Why do straight women complain about penises being ugly? I was just having a piss and I took the opportunity to check myself out, and can very much say that my penis is beautiful. But not just because it's mine, I think it's because they just are a bit awesome in general. It kind of makes me wish I was gay because I really genuinly think that penises are awesome. However, as much as I believe this, I do think that pretty much nothing beats breasts. Breasts make me think that God may actually exist. They taste so good, make a grown man cry. If ever I stare at yours then by all means give me a slap, but it won't stop me. Only the extraction of mine eyes would do such a thing. But anyway this isn't a blog about wonderful amazing incredible breasts, it's about how penises are fucking awesome also. They really are.

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degs said...

Arguments for and against the existance of god:

1) Agony of birth - god must be a man

2) Prostate cancer - god must be a woman

3) Fall Out Boy - Athiesm is the only sensible way to go.