Tuesday, 30 January 2007

More From The Axl Brain...

1. The ground floor of my place of employment is no longer allowed to play cds and instead people must endure the mind numbing awfulness of a generic company radio channel. This means that as a store we no longer have any control over what gets played. This means that i) Songs could get played from albums that we are low in stock of. Therefore if demand is greater than supply, we end up looking bad. ii) The radio channel is based in London, therefore London controls what the whole country has to listen to, with no regards to regional tastes/differences (I would be willing to strongly bet that our sales of The Young Knives are better/higher proportional than Reading or Newcastle). This means that everyone in the whole country is being treated as if they are the same person. And not in a "Everyone deserves to be treated equally" way, in a "You will all be force-fed the same. We will control what you think." kind of way. Basically now there will be no way for us to promote something that could potentially do well if it had more exposure, something that may not necessarily do so well in another town/city. Also, all I've heard on it so far is safe, commercial, chart based material. No scope for anything a bit less known that people wouldn't necessarily hear otherwise. iii) The presenter has a horrible voice. One of those "I'm on the radio, so I'm going to put on a false voice and talk like a total wanker!" voices. Like Scott Mills. Or Alan Partridge when he's doing "Alan's Deep Bath", but more high pitched. Or virtually any local radio dj you've ever heard.
Luckily this hideousness has not yet infiltrated the basement. I think even they realise what a massive mistake that would be.

2. I'm considering starving myself after Corrine pointed out today that I'm getting a "Bit of a Podge". I think I may cut down to just one meal a day, and have a JD every time I get hungry after that. I really do not want to get a massive pot belly like my dad. (No offence dad.)

3. Another year, another batch of new homeless people in Oxford. My particular favourite is the one who's been skulking around the high street going up to people asking for spare change in a way that suggests he's either off his fucking tits, or he's going to kill you. I nearly got hit by a bike yesterday trying to avoid him coz he scares me. What? I don't wanna be his first victim!

4. January has gone very quickly. Can time slow down a bit please?

5. Jonquil really are very good indeed.

6. So are Blood Brothers. That gig was awesome.

7. I just realised I've missed the programme on Channel 4 about the UK Female Sumo team. I used to fucking love Sumo when it was on telly. And Kabaddi. I saw some Kabaddi on tv last night when flicking thru channels and it made me smile. It was part of a thing on ITV. Don't remember what it was about. Maybe it was sunday.

Right, that's it for now. Time to play some more Guitar Hero II.


Steven said...

you should get a job in fopp.. you can play whatever you want. i cant belive hmv has a radio station! the VMR in virgin is horrid. oh, i feel for you, i really do.

PLUS, i'm at work, behind the counter right now. see, fopp has internet too!

you know it makes sense axl..

miss ya. see ya soon.

schmemma said...

we only have to have it on on the first floor in newcastle..but i agree, it does suck the most..

Pipsywoo said...

How far and how good are you at Guitar Hero II? As my housemate Vikki is pretty sweet at is, as his her boyfriend Garbinho...so if you ever fancy a challenge feel free to come on round...and if your really adventurous, you could witness me kick everyone's arse at Singstar?! Although ear plugs are advisible for the latter.

As for your job, if you fancy a job swop for a week, let me know...i can sell classic and calming music to the thousands, with Robby Tom stood by my side (he'd love it). And you can sit in my leather chair in my quite cool office, making coffee, directing phone calls away from the office and being a general goofer! Being bored stiff out of your mind, with just the chatting to friends on emails and the internet for company...

Anonymous said...

I fucking love kabaddi!
I'm gonna start a Star team and play tourneys in the garden....
this is rob by the way, Rhyannon has no clue what kabaddi is....she will soon