Sunday, 7 January 2007

The First Of The Lists

Yes yes, I know yer all soooooo desperatly waiting for my albums of 2006 list, but there are troubles. But one of these troubles I have erradicated by doing a seperate Top 10 Jazz albums of 2006. This is the list that follows. I have not included reissues. I have also not included the Soweto Kinch album, as only about a third of it is actually jazz. None of you probably care about this, but it makes things easier for me.

1. Neil Cowley Trio - Displaced
2. Esbjorn Svensson Trio - Tuesday Wonderland
3. Ornette Coleman - Sound Grammar
4. Branford Marsalis Quartet - Braggtown
5. Kenny Garrett - Beyond The Wall
6. Charles Lloyd - Sangam
7. Triosk - The Headlight Serenade
8. Necks - Chemist
9. Brad Mehldau Trio - House On Hill
10. Anthony Braxton Sextet - Victoriaville 2005

My Worst Jazz album goes to the Metheny Mehldau album which is so fucking awful, that it makes me actually feel ill when I hear it. If you are ever curious to know what it sounds like, just switch over to BBC2 when they aren't showing any programmes and instead show pages from Teletext with the kind of muzak a doctor or an american mall manager would refuse to have playing in their place of business. Listen to that hideous muzak, hear its total utter hideousness. The Metheny Mehldau album is even worse and even more cheesey than that.

The only jazz album I still haven't listened to which I wanted to this year is the new Bennie Maupin Ensemble album "Penumbra".

So thats the most major problem out of the way, hopefully the list you'll be more likely to give a crap about will be up soon. I already know what my worst album of the year is going to be, and I pre-warn those of you with the initials E and S, and vice versa, that you may well disown me for my choice.

Proper blog soon humans...


Steven said...

i admire you for tackling the end of year album list by genre! having only heard two of those in your top 10 i ccan commend both the inclusions of ornette coleman and est.

am i one of the people with the initial 'E and S and vice versa'? that's clever that, if it does indeed mean Emma Short and Steven Endersby as i assume it does. This leads me to fear you are going to say that either the Joanna Newsom record, or some shouty girl band was rubbish. Say it aint so?

schmemma said...

i don't know, steven..i had the feeling it was going to be something like the thom yorke album..then i really would have to disown him..

Mr Axl said...

Rest assured guys it is not your worst fears, as Newson and Yorke are currently in contention for top 10 inclusion. I am certain however that you will be very disappointed in my choice.

Always nice to hear that I'm clever tho'.