Saturday, 30 December 2006

Maybe I'm Just Getting Too Old For It...

CSS right? They're cool aren't they. Cool as fuck in fact. I mean, that "Lets Make Love And Listen To Death From Above" song is easily one of the best singles of the year. And they look fucking cool too. You kind of want to be one of them don't you. Yeah you fuckin' do.
So I buy their album, of course, and it makes me feel old. For a start I only like about half of it, nothing being a patch on THAT genius song, but at least half of it I find boring, some of it even cringeworthy. Which brings me to my second point. I just cannot hear lyrics like "Suck my art-hole!" or "Music is my hot hot sex!" or the lyrics i can't remember now that are in "Meeting Paris Hilton" (the word bitch was included), without my face curling up like I just tasted something really bitter. So overall I find the album a bit average, albeit with some good moments, and of course THAT song. But all the trendy music mags and the trendy indie kids fucking love it! Which leads me to conclude that I am either too old for this, or that maybe, even worse, I've just lost my cool.
Backing this up was the night at The Cellar on Thursday. I can't remember the name of the third band who played that night, but I found them pretty dull, and kind of wished they would just stop it and leave me alone (having said that tho', I would take them a thousand times over the band that played before them. I think they were called the Quarter Finals. They were truely fucking awful.), but when I spoke Sam from Andnostar (who, Ihave to say, were fucking ace!), I think he said they were pretty much hisfavourite Oxford band at the moment. Which made me realise that all the trendy Oxford kids (you know who they are by sight. They're at virtually every single cool thing in Oxford) were or had been loving it. Now, I like King Furnace. I don't hide that. Trendy Oxford kids do not. See their faces curl up at a band playing 'straightforward' rock music. Watch them squirm, unsure of how to react as Jeff struts, poses and howls as ver Furnace power chord their way thru 3 minute, single timed slices of melodic noise. They hate it. It makes me like it more. Don't get me wrong Trendy Oxford kids, I have nothing against you. I like you. I heart you. If I knew how to pimp up my MySpace page, I probably would. And it would be very cool and you would all heart me back, but alas I seem to have lost my youth, and indeed it would seem, my cool.
Dammit, when I thought of this blog earlier today I had more examples in evidence of this, but the only ones I can remember now are that Hootie shouted abuse in my ear at the Cellar when I said I wasn't enjoying Aids Wolf at that gig, and, I shudder as I write this as I am opening myself up to horrendous abuse and probable loss of respect, maybe even loss of friendship, but I've started to really like Arctic Monkeys.

I think I can finish it there, can't I. That surely is the final nail of evidence in the coffin of truth, inside which lies my dead youth and cool.

On another note, I'm listening to the new Joanna Newsom album "Ys" and I really really like it. This is very surprising to me as I absolutely hate her first album. Oh, fuck it. You've all stopped reading now haven't you.

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