Friday, 1 December 2006

Still Ill

It's friday nite and I should be at The Star getting hideously drunk to make working on a pre-christmas saturday slightly bearable, (oh God, I've just seen one of our adverts on tele, which means I'll have about a thousand simpletons in asking for it. Which is just bleedin' great.) making a hideous twat of myself in the process. But no. I'm here writing this coz I'm STILL ILL!! Fuck's sake. This had better clear up by tomorrow, coz my good lady-friend Alex is coming down for a few days. I'm gonna be pissed of if she has some bunged up, headached, useless man-chum greet her at the station.
That would be fucking rubbish.

I dont really have anything to rant about today, but there are some things I am a little disappointed with.
1. South Park episodes being taken off YouTube.
The reason this is disappointing is that South Park did an excellent episode that totally took the piss out of precious musicians getting in a tantrum coz people were able to download stuff of theirs on the internet, pointing out that it was only really the comfortable millionaires who cared anyway, being so engrosed in fame that they'd forgotten that they surely originally got into music for a love of music and surely in that case any audienceis a good audience and much appreciated. "Yes, you can enjoy our music, but only if you give us tons of money first. Feed our massive egos! For we are the out-of-touch-with-reality superstars!!"
Now, don't get me wrong, I know full well this was Comedy Central's doing, and almost certainly nothing to do with mr's Parker & Stone, but it's still a shame. Plus, I watched 7 episodes the other day when I felt hideous and it cheered me right up.
2. Blunder.
I quite liked last weeks, apart from that one unbelievably lame guy who does the testicles revealing karate and other equally un-funny, stupid fuckawful routines - HE'S NOT FUNNY!! STOP LAUGHING AT HIM!! IT'S PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO'VE GIVEN PEOPLE LIKE MIKE READ, BERNARD MANNING & ROY "CHUBBY" BROWN COMFORTABLE CAREERS WHEN THEY SHOULD'VE BEEN FACE DOWN IN THE THAMES DECADES AGO!!! - but this weeks was just lame. Some of the people in it are good comic actors too, they should clearly stick to performing other peoples material. Blunder is a waste of time and space. Cancell it Channel 4. Cancell it NOW!!
3.Rhyannon doesn't like The Mars Volta.
Why Rhyannon? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

While I was writing this post, a fucking bee flew in my room! Are they not all dead or in hibernation or whatever it is bees do in the winter?! It was really odd.
I really should rant about Russell Brand now. Trouble is, I've actually started to like him. So I shall just leave you by saying Byeeeeeee and I'm excited about Alex being here tomorrow. Yaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

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Pipsywoo said...

I'm sorry to hear that you weren't well but it was good to see you out about at the weekend.
link, you may it has all of South Park on...although some of them have now been removed, the majority is still up there.

Good luck!