Tuesday, 28 November 2006


Right now it's 10:46pm which means I'm doing what every right minded, decent thinking human should be doing right now. Listening to PC's radio show. BUT, all is not well, and not just because I turned over at 10:30 to find the previous show still on followed by a plethora of advertisments, two of which were played twice(!) and one which I swear was for an alcoholic drink called 'Quims', which meant I could've listened to at least another 12 mins of what I'm sure was Esbjorn Svensson Trio live on Radio 3.
No, dear readers, all is literally not well as, as you probably guessed from the title (which is not 3, but could be as this is after all my third post on this blog), I am ill. I had a mild cold for about a week and a half, and just as it seemed to be dying down, BANG! An illness bomb hit me right in the head. So did I lay in bed, recouperating & generally taking proper care of myself? No. Muggins here went to work, which has a tendancy to wind me up if you hadn't noticed by the fact that all I've really done on this blog so far is bitch about my job/place of work. Well today I shaln't be bothering you all with boring work gripes, oh no. Today I have a far more pressing matter to complain about.
Today, in an effort to cheer myself up somewhat, I bought myself a packet of Starburst. Now, I used to fucking love Opal Fruits as a kid, so I was really looking forward to this pack of Starburst. But lo and behold, instead of the delicious fruity sweets of my childhood, I had in fact purchased a cuboid of utter disappointment, filled with slabs of nasty little over-sweetened hideousness! They all tasted almost exactly the same as each other, except each one had been shown a different fruit briefly and told to "Do that!". It was as if you went to the cinema to see the re-release of a film you love but haven't seen for years, only to find the projectors weren't working and they'd hired a really shit mime act to mime out the film instead. I only bought them coz someone at work gave me a Fruit-Tella the other day, and it was really nice. Hardly comparable to having a chew of a Starburst and, instead of an entire galaxys worth of flavour forcing itself upon your mouth as the name seems to suggest, finding that some things really are better left in the past of your childhood, along with dungarees, mirrored sunglasses and wetting the bed.
I was so disappointed.
There goes another bit of my childhood.
At least Ribena is still as good as ever. Possibly even better.

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han said...

If I saw 'cuboids of utter disappointment' on the shelf, I would buy ten packs right there & then. Then I would go to the park and eat them all on my own.