Friday, 15 December 2006

Moya Brennan's MySpace.

So I'm at work, right, and these 2 people are nattering away about Clannad & that goes onto former members Enya & Moya Brennan. I kind of wasn't listening properly, but all of a sudden heard "Have you seen her MySpace page?" "What? No." "Yes, Moya Brennan has a MySpace page."
I thought to myself that it couldn't be true, so I checked in her latest album, and lo & behold, there it was the adress. Now, why the fuck does someone like Moya Brennan have a MySpace? Surely she's not the kind of person the kids'll go for. But there it is, in it's light shaded hideousness, playing "Carol Of The Bells" at me right now in fact. Shit me, it's awful. The things I do for you lot. Apparently "it is astounding that her voice keeps going from strength to strength." Yes, all that tuneful whispering she does must really be a strain on the ol' vocal chords there.
It got me wondering what other people have MySpace pages that you really wouldn't think to look for, so, as I am that bored, I've started investigating.
Moya's page had a link to that new trio of harmonic breathers, Triniti. If you haven't heard them, they sound like a cross between Clannad & The Corrs. Possibly the worst musical meeting since those two comedians went "Hey, lets do that song off Grease!" Unlike Moya's user friendly calming soothing colours, Triniti have gone for a more garish scheme, kind of like a "Tron" vomit.
They're friends with an unofficial Aled Jones MySpace. Right, what kind of sad individual makes up a page for a band/solo artist? I really don't understand it. Also, it has too many links to investigate. I'm not THAT sad. yet.
Dave Swarbrick came up with nothing, but Fairport Convention have several. Again, who does this? Who? One of them has a link to a Richard & Linda Thompson page. Is anyone really going to believe that two people who got divorced, splitting their act up in the process, over 20 years ago are going to re-unite to make a MySpace page?
Am I just not getting it? Is there something I'm missing? Someone's even done one for Menswe@r! People talk to it like the band have something to do with it!
I have to stop now coz I'm going a bit mad.

Currently listening to: Anything that'll get the hideous songs of those MySpace pages out of my head!

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Mr Axl said...

Hahaha! I wrote Menswe@r, and it thinks I've put in a forwarding e-mail adress. Stupid Blogspot.