Friday, 8 December 2006

The Internet Paranoia Starts Here.

Ok, so, when i joined MySpace and started requesting all the friends and shit, V sent me a comment saying something along the lines of "Welcome to the paranoia." Yeah right, like I'm gonna fall pray to the trappings of internet paranoia! Come on, this is me here, I'm level headed enough to realise all of the crap that goes on here. There is no way that I am gonna fall into all that.
And then it happened. I went on someone's MySpace page and read those fateful words.

Someone said I had ruined their life.

Panic! Paranoia! ARGH! Quick! On the defence! How dare someone say this about me! Who do they think they are, spreading this bullshit about me, huh? Instantly I sprung into action. I sent messages to friends, why would they have said that about me? Then I figured that if they 're willing to not only think this, but say to a friend of theirs on a public forum, that's it. NO excuses! I'm gonna delete you from my friends on MySpace and then send you an aggresive message. Yeah, that'll feel good, oh yeah!
Then the reply came.

Turns out it was just a joke.

Oh for fuck's sake, of course it was a fucking joke! Jesus, how did I not realise that? Lookat the preceding message "Oh my, you know Axl, how wierd..." Not only was it a joke, It's a joke that I would probably make myself, and indeed have made myself, in a similar situation. It's a joke that, if I'd heard it spoken, I would've laughed at, but coz I read it, my initial reaction was to take it at face value, not even thinking about it's context, an dimmediately react accordingly. Shit, even if I'd thought about it a bit first, I would have probably realised. But no, I did exactly what I thought I would never do. What I thought I was above. I let the internet cause me to be paranoid.
So Axl did what had to be done. Apologised. Thankfully all seems good. No reply to my apology, but my re-request for the position of friend was approved, so I take that as forgiven.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, right now I feel a bit rubbish coz Alex has gone back to Edinburgh, but not too ribbish coz she's back again in a week. Yay!

Apart from that, I'm ok. I'm listening to Angels Of Light "How I Loved You" It's really good.

Blog you later, humans.

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