Sunday, 14 January 2007

Worst Album Of 2006

Ok, doing my best of 2006 list is getting even more complicated than it already was before. I doubt it will be up before February. So I have decided to just get this worst album of the year business out of the way, so the healing process (i.e. trying to convince Emma and Enders that being my friend is still a good idea) can start.
It would be all too easy to just say something like Westlife, and while I did hear some of the new Westlife album and it is truly hideous and possibly the nastiest little thing in human existance, I never expected to like it and therefore really couldn't care less about it. This year, there have been a few albums that I've been looking forward to, by bands I really like, that have really disappointed me. The new Futureheads album was rubbish, the new Primal Scream album was just apeing The Rolling Stones far too much, the Sway album while good, did leave me wanting a lot more (especially after the amazing This Is My Promo discs), and there are others that I can't remember off the top of my head. But it all pales in comparison to one of my favourite bands of all time releasing an uninspired, boring, limp, wet, dull, dead dog of an album. Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped album was so utterly awful that I nearly cried. I had been really excited about it, especially as their previous album Sonic Nurse, is possibly my favourite Sonic Youth album (either that or 'Sister'), and the sheer disappointment of this going-through-the-motions sounding shit that I never thought I would hear this band do, left me feeling extremly empty.

So there you go then. My worst album of 2006.
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped.
Thanks a fucking bunch guys.

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