Thursday, 1 February 2007


Anyone know where I can get some cocaine? Apparently if I get addicted to cocaine, I'll be real thin again. After Corinne saying I've got a podge I'm thinking of ways to not let it get out of hand and turn into a fatty fatso pot belly. Sly Stone is in the new MOJO, and he's still thin. Mr Riley says it's coz he was a cocaine addict for so long, so in an effort to re-obtain & maintain a svelt figure, I'm considering coke addiction. Maybe I'll save up some money first, so that if I lose my job, I wont have to steal stuff from all my friends to maintain my habit. Yeah, I'll save up first. I wonder if I'll get a discount if I buy it in bulk? Hmmm, there's an idea. Although, I'd have to keep it pretty quiet in case people find out and start hassling me to sell them some. I don't really want to get into drug dealing.

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