Monday, 19 February 2007

Jeez, When Did Everyone Get A Life?

So, Im in Edinburgh for the week and finally get round to checking e-mails, MySpace, Blogs etc. What do I find? No-one has written a new blog. Except Hannah, but only to show off her awesome knitwork. And Matts too. What's going on? Did you all go and 'Get A Life'? Hmmm? Been out socialising have we, hmm? Doing things with our time? Leaving the house and venturing outdoors? Well STOP IT! Just coz I go away for a week, you all think you can stop being sad losers too. Well, I say NO! Next time you feel like going outside, don't. You know there are cars out there? Get hit by one of those and you're toast. Sticky human roadkill toast. And you know all those 'Friends' you have and just loooooove spending time with? They've probably got some kind of disease that they'll give you. And you'll be all ill and shit. So stop living your lives, and go back to being sad and write more blogs. Now. You bloody bastards.


schmemma said...

i wish i'd taken your advice mr of my so-called friends (not sure which one) has given me a horrible cold..meh..i'm never leaving the house again..

Pipsywoo said...

I'm sorry Axl but I've been in the worse moods ever over the last few have tried to avoid from inflicting my bad moods on everyone, being a girl is so hard sometime - bloody hormones!!!
But I've been away (see myspace blog - if of interest) and am feeling much better, so will start writing crap again, very soon. Promise.

Hope your enjoying Edinburgh. x