Monday, 12 February 2007

Second Of The Lists

Yes, believe it or not I am STILL trying to work out a best of 2006 list. Yeah, I know. Shut up. Anyway, to sate my own idiotic need to make a list more than any thoughts of any benefit to any of you, here's more categorised choices.

Tune Of 2006:- Outkast - 'Morris Brown'.
Reissue Of 2006:- Karen Dalton - 'In My Own Time'
Compilation Of 2006:- AFX - Chosen Lords

Now the one absolutely none of you will care about probably,
Top 5 Classical albums of 2006:

1. Max Richter - 'Songs From Before'
2. Wagner - 'Gotterdammerung' (1955 Bayreuth Festival Recording)
3. Rossini - 'Matilde Di Shabran' (Feat. Massis, Florez, Frizza)
4. Schubert - Piano Music For Four Hands
(Carnegie Hall Concert by Kissin & Levine)
5. John Adams - 'Dharma At Big Sur/My Father Knew Charles Ives'

So there we go. Next list up whenever I actually decide upon it.

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