Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Time To Get Serious For A Bit.

(Now, I know not many people read this blog, but if this can help in any way at all, no matter how small, then it's totally worth it.)
A friend of mine is helping to organise/work on a charity gig for ChildLine.
They sent me this message about it:

"So, as you may or may not know I am working on a ROCK CONCERT for charity - that charity being ChildLine - so we called the concert ... ChildLine Rocks!

Last year Trudie organised it all on her ownsome and got the likes of Roger Daltrey, Lulu, Marillion, Thunder, Fish, Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), The Zombies, and Russ Ballard and managed to raise over £100,000. Bob (Harris) compared the evening of course and auction prizes included a flight on the Iron Maiden 757, piloted by Bruce Dickinson for a trip to see Iron Maiden play live in Lisbon, a Led Zeppelin plaque signed by Robert Plant, a double-necked Gibson guitar from Jimmy Page, a Fender Telecaster guitar from Status Quo, a Gibson Epiphone Union Jack guitar from Noel Gallagher and a Gibson Les Paul guitar signed by all the acts and artists featured on the night.

RIGHT - so, the bar is raised and we've been working very hard on it.

ChildLine Rocks @ The Indig02 Monday 1st June 2009

So far this year we have:

Uriah Heep
Jon Lord (Deep Purple)
Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple)
Hot Leg
The Pretty Things
Sons Of Albion
Steve Balsamo
Andy Newmark
Mollie Marriott

All backed by our amazing house band - which is not allowed to be announced yet... and we're going to be adding a couple of 'NAMES' to that line up too!

We're holding a separate auction event at Bonhams Auction house in December.

Now, my friends - can you please spread the word and get the news out about this - either by talking about it with your mates, letting others know of our website - - or buying a ticket and coming along to The Indig02 on June 1st!!!

You can get them from or ticketmaster.

And it's all for a VERY GOOD CAUSE.

Thanking you!!!!"

So why should you be excited about this rather than any other charity gigs that you see all over the place? Well straight away I can see two reasons. One is that The Pretty Things are playing. The Pretty Things made the album "S.F. Sorrow" which is one of the best albums that I still don't own. It is one of those unsung British psychedelic classic albums from the late 60's that people always forget about then see on some "Great British albums" or "Greatest Psychedelic albums" lists, then remember how good it is. The second reason I can see is that the Hammond organ player from the legendary Deep Purple Mk II line-up, Jon Lord will be playing. (Come to mention it, the line-up Glenn Hughes was in made a couple of classic Deep Purple albums too, so that's also worth seeing for sure.)
Oh and there is the fact that it's for ChildLine too. ChildLine is one of those charities that people tend to forget about, but really shouldn't because it is a VERY important one. Anything that raises money them is good.

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