Friday, 24 April 2009

Owlhead & Idiotface. #1 - Dreams.

"Hey, Idiotface, what do you think of this theory? The real world is actually in fact not real at all but a dream world? You know how sometimes you have a dream within a dream, well what if this life is actually a dream in itself?"

"Owlhead, that has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard."

"No, think about it tho. Right, you know how when you die in a dream you wake up? Right, well what if when we die in the "Real World", we actually are in a dream and wake up in the proper real world? And imagine how it would feel! You know how in a dream you can't really feel that much, well what if what we feel when we're "Awake" is in fact just a really dulled version of what true feeling is? Imagine the intensity of feeling just from doing something like picking up a cup! It's all very well you just instantly dismissing it, but actually think about it. It could be like that. You cannot prove me wrong."

"Oh for God's sake. Look, it's all very well you saying I can't prove you wrong, but you are the one coming up with a fantastical and ridiculous idea, and you can't prove in any way that you are right! All you have is a theory. A theory with no basis in fact. All you have is a belief that somehow, because you have managed to come up with this bizarre theory, that somehow makes it true. Jeez, stop being such a massive bummo."

"You are so closed-minded sometimes Idiotface. It really boils my piss."


schmemma said...

i feel slightly violated..but in a good way..

[i particularly like that last picture of's an uncanny resemblance..]

Too broad a church said...

Idiot face is a spiritual cockroach

Anonymous said...


i heart the last owlhead. i think we are soul mates.