Sunday, 26 April 2009

Owlhead & Idiotface. #2 - Hypnosis.

"Look into my eyes, Idiothead. I am going to hypnotise you. You are feeling sleepy. Just look into my eyes. The rest of the world just disappears, and you just become lost in my eyes. Your eyes are starting to feel very heavy. Let them close. Just fall into a deep sleeeeeep......"

"What the fuck are you on about now, bumlord? You can't do hypnosis."

"No, I've been learnin' 'aven't I? I been readin' this book that explains it all, and now I'm totally gonnas get you to make me a cake while standing on yr hands and singing the songs from "Phantom Of The Opera" but oinking them, like a pig would."

"Oh for God's sake Owlhead. Hypnosis isn't actually real in that sense, and even if it were, you would need someone who is a) willing to go along with being hypnotised, and b) susceptible to mind tricks of that sort anyway. Hypnosis can be a very useful tool for curing addictions and phobias, but only if the person really wants to overcome them in the first place. Essentially, if people didn't want to do the things they were being told to do in the first place, they wouldn't actually do them. You cannot actually control someone's mind, and to think that you could is totally ridiculous."

"It alarms me how closed off you can be to the possibilities of the mind, Idiotface."

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