Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Axl's Worries.

Seems I can't just be allowed to be excited about anything anymore. There always has to be a twist. The 2 main things this applies to right now are:

Watchmen: I was well excited about this film, but over the last couple of days I've become pretty sceptical about some of the things I've heard. The main point being that they've changed the ending. How much have they changed it? I don't really want them dicking around with it. The ending of the comic book was, well, pretty phenomenal just like the rest of it. One of my most disappointing cinema going moments was when I went to see The Beach, which at the time was my favourite book. They dicked around so much with what actually happened in it, that it was barely recognisable as the book I had loved so much. Now I am worried that by dicking around with the ending of Watchmen, I will get the same feeling. That and the fact that the 9 clips from the film on the Collider website are all pretty dodgy in my opinion, but hey, I'll try not to dwell on that and hope that it's just because they're out of the context of the whole film. Oh, and all that slo-mo, if that goes thru the whole film, as I've heard/read that it does, that's gonna get real annoying.

The Green Hornet: A film of the fictional crime fighter that I've never paid much attention to, so why am I excited about this? Because it's just been announced that it's going to be directed by MICHEL GONDRY!! For those of you who don't know, Michel Gondry is one of my all time heroes. Which leaves the question, where's the worry Axl? Well, it's also reportedly starring and being produced by Seth Rogen. As in "Knocked Up" Seth Rogen. Now, I'm hoping that Michel Gondry can somehow make Seth Rogen tone himself down a bit, (hey, he managed it with Jack Black didn't he?) but with Rogen also producing I really can't see how this combo will work. I pray that Rogen will realise why Gondry has been chosen as director and will back off. I would hate to see Gondry reduced to directing another one of Rogen's pathetic base-level comedies, although having said that, I trust that Gondry wouldn't let that happen to himself. I don't know, it's a project that I will need some convincing with. BUT, with Michel Gondry directing, I am automatically very excited, no matter how much apprehension comes along with it.

So, excited or nervous? Either way, I will be going to see both of these films (provided MG doesn't drop out of GH of course). I just hope that when I do I won't be writing more "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" style blogs about how much of a let down they are.

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Fat Chan said...

I'm in a very lucky position in that I've never read I can watch the film...enjoy it for what it is and if it's shit compared to the comic I can then get the comic and be blown away again. Rule for the illiterate (or just lazy readers): Always watch the film first, a film can spoil the book but I think it's nigh-impossible for a book to spoil a film.

Also Green Hornet+Seth Rogen+Michael Gondry...WTF? Where did that collection come from, I agree, Michael Gondry is fantastic but I never thought I'd hear him alongside those names. My curiosity itch has been scratched.