Friday, 18 January 2008

Some Songs What I Wrote.

I've started coming up with songs recently. It's fun and adds a little something to my boring daytime working life.

I wrote a song for Craig at work recently. I found it again today. Here it is:

Song For Craig.

My name's Craig,
I like to look at things.
Big things,
Like the Eiffel Tower,
Small things,
Like an ant or a breadcrumb,
Strange things,
Like tobogoning monkeys,
Normal things,
Like an ice cube in Diet Coke,
Boy things,
Like football and skateboards,
Girl things,
Like lipgloss and boobies,
Nice things,
Like kittens and cheesecake,
Gross things,
Like a vomiting reindeer.
I could show you some things,
Come and look at things with me,


And for those of you who may have missed it, or aren't on Facebook, a song I wrote that doesn't have a title:

"What would you do if Axl died?"
"I don't know how I would survive,
I would lay flowers on his grave,
I would keep him as a slave."

"What kind of slave would he be?
He's dead in the ground and he can't move!"

"He would be my SEX SLAVE!
I would keep him in a bathtub of vinegar,
And take him out and have sex with him,
Whenever I wanted."

Axl the dead sex slave!!


I also came up with a song about being a farmer and catching crows and planting them around a scarecrow so they would be constantly scared, but the lyrics were sadly not as good as the concept.

I was also challenged to write a song about Woking by Micaela.
I came up with a song about a group of kids coming up to me and asking me to buy them fags and me telling them to buy them themselves. They call me a wanker, so I kill them and bury them under a golf course, but I can't remember which one it is coz there's like 9 of them. Then the second verse was about how how Giuseppe Verdi never went to Woking.
The problem is that I didn't write the words down so I can't remember what they were now.

That's all for now on the song front. Hope you enjoyed them. I may put more up.


Craig said...

Craig likes his own song!

schmemma said...

more please..