Friday, 18 January 2008

My 2nd Gig.

January 12th was when a bunch of people in the Port Mahon got to see my 2nd gig with Traktors. It was a different beast to last time. For a start we used no guitars, instead choosing to opt for keyboards, a synth, a wine glass and a lot of pedals and a mixer. There was a mic involved aswell. Whereas the last one was a more free-rock affair, this time we had a structure. We even had melody! A tune!

It looked a bit like this:


Now, I'm having a bit of trouble writing about this. See, I thought at the time it went pretty badly, but all the feedback we got was really positive. Most people saying it was better than the last one. Awesome.
It bothered me for ages that I felt pretty bad about the gig, but the fact that everyone really liked it is essentially what matters. What is a performance if not for the audience? The thing a friend helped me realise, is that the audience is gonna hear it completely differently to you anyway, coz you know what it's meant to sound like/how you want it to sound ideally. Whereas an audience are coming to it fresh. No-one there had heard it before, so they were inevitably going to hear it in a different way.

It's strange. I feel pretty positive about it now. I remember all the times I said to mates that their gigs were real good and they weren't positive about them. It always confused me. Though I kind of got it, now I understand.

Yeah, I still can't really find how to write about this properly. I'm gonna leave it now.

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Pipsywoo said...

Your friend has a point and also, most artists are perfectionists and also most of you get stressed before hand about something or other.

I know for a fact that some gigs (of bands I work for) that have been perceived as the greatest gigs ever by the audience, the bands have hated completely and utterly!
It's always the way.