Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'm On A Roll.

Well, more specifically, I can't sleep.
My sleep pattern is erratic at the best of times, but last night I couldn't sleep coz I was so bloody HOT, and now I can't sleep coz I'm used to it or whatever, so instead of endlessly clicking websites in a half awake daze to find that yet again nothing has happened or changed, I'm going to write about notes. The theory is that this might be quite fun, and I'm a bit nervous because I'm probably going to be reading out a poem I wrote about someone being raped to my class tomorrow (and no, it's not a comedy poem).
See, I write these little notes and quotes on little bits of paper, shove them in my back pocket and forget about them, so here are some of the delights of my scraps.
Let's see...
* "You raise me up... in the pants!" Craig said that once and it made me laugh. Can't remember the context, but it still makes me chuckle.
* "Smoking & crying."
* "It smells like me." No. No idea what these are about.
* "Woman after 'Aerobics music', then waits for a lift to go up one flight of stairs." Yep. This happened in the shop. It struck me as remarkable that someone who had just been going on at me for ages about how they were after rhythmic music that they could exercise to, would then be lazy enough to not be bothered to walk up one flight of stairs. Maybe she can only do physical activities with a thumping soundtrack, who knows?
* "Woman thinks Cary Grant lives round the corner from her." Ah, another shop anecdote. On the counter in my department, we had some Cary Grant dvd boxsets on sale. A woman and a man came up to the counter and she pointed at the picture of Cary Grant, turned to her friend and told him that Cary Grant lives round the corner from her. Considering the fact that Cary Grant died in 1986, I'm pretty sure she was talked total bollocks.
* "Debate over. Makeover. Masturbate over." This was me trying to work out something for a poem. It didn't get used as it is, but it did prove pretty useful.
* "YOUTHMOVIES - THE FINAL EVER GIG" Not a note, just found the gig ticket. *sigh* I miss them.
* This one's a phone number I don't recognise.
* "Short baby, but I don't have the paper." Wow. This is a misheard quote from years ago. Back when I used to make music on my Playstation, I used this for the title of one of the tapes I made. I have no idea why I wrote it down again tho.
* Shopping lists, listening lists, wish lists.
* "Take a leaf out of my book, put it in your book, we'll have a mixed leaf book. Prince Charles made love to a man, but the man had a horses head. I hate the sound of children singing, I used to be one and I hated it then." Hmmm... Can't remember what this was about, but I remember writing it years ago. It must be years ago coz just above it is a note to burn some cd's for Rhyannon (how long's she been back in America now?), which I don't think I ever got round to doing. (Sorry Rhyannon.) Not sure why that's in this pile of notes as it's much older than the others.
That's it for this pile. Are there any more around? Not that I can get to easily.
Well, that was vaguely enjoyable for me even if it wasn't for you, so I make no apologies.
I'm going to try to get some sleep now.

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