Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Something's been on my mind recently...
You know what I hate? Babies. Babies are stupid and anyone who has one is an idiot.
You know what else I hate? People who sound like cake when they talk. There is nothing more annoying than trying to speak to someone who has a voice like a Victoria Sponge or a Black Forest Gateaux. Even a triple choc chip muffin voice is irritating. 'Oh, sorry, what are you trying to say to me? I can't understand you because you sound like a cake!'
Urff. Imagine combining the two tho. A baby that has the voice of a cake. A 'Cakeyvoice baby' if you will. That would be just about the worst thing ever.
Although if this abomination ever were to occur, I'm sure it's parents would love it despite it's obviously off putting abnormalities. Then again, to have a 'Cakeyvoice baby' you would almost certainly need two total freaks of nature to have been mating in the first place, so it would definitely be in good hands parent-wise. What controls a freak well? Of course, the answer is two freaks. That's simple maths, that.
With society as it is as well, this family of freaks wouldn't even need to go and live in a cave anymore, or join a travelling circus! They would just be free to walk among us! What is the world coming to?! It's political correctness gone mad I tell you.
Well, I guess I'll just have to get used to living in a world where this kind of thing is acceptable, I suppose.
Could be worse. It could be a baby with an owlhead and an idiot face! That is not even worth considering.

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han said...

i accept your hearty congratulations, dickwad