Saturday, 27 February 2010

Giggy Gig Gig.

Right. Quite often I'm going to write something on here but then end up not due to things like time and my stupid memory. I am far too tired to write a proper blog post now for example, but if I don't write something now, I'll end up not doing it til at least Monday, by which time I'll be all like 'Oh God, I can't be bothered now,' or something equally as lame and then I don't end up writing it at all. So I'm going to knock up a quick thing now so I can come back and expand on it later. And if I don't, it'll be up here anyway and you will all know what was once momentarily in my brain one Friday night. Right? Right.


So yeah. I went to a gig last night in London. This gig was awesome. It was BITCHES single launch gig at Old Blue Last. They were awesome OBVIOUSLY. Doesn't take a genius to work out that I'm gonna say that, right? Right. What I wasn't expecting so much was just how much I enjoyed TEETH!!!, who were supporting. I remember seeing them sometime last year at Old Blue Last and they really didn't float my boat. I dunno, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for them or something. I saw that they were playing with BITCHES again tho and so thought I'd give them another go. I had a pop on their page and they've got some tracks free to download. I gave them a little listen and thought, 'You know what? I like what I'm hearing here.'
So I already went into the gig with my mind having somewhat been changed by them, and I tell you what, my mind was totally changed by their set last night. They were AWESOME. I'm a bit too tired right now to describe them but a basic sum of them would go something like L + V + D = AAA, or rather, 1 laptop operator + 1 vocalist + 1 live drummer (who plays his drums like they have hired him to spank them into submission as frantically as he possibly can because they really love all that S&M shit) = Triple Awesome.
TEETH!!! are electrical energy. When we run low on fossil fuels, we should use them to power all our appliances.
Check 'em out. Here is the address for their!!!?ac=teeth!!! where you can listen to stuff. My personal favourite track is 'Whhhaaaatssss Upppppppp (NO EDIT)'
They can haz MySpace too: where I just discovered a link to a download of three songs I didn't have. Cool!
Go on. Check them out. They're pretty fucking great.

As ever, BITCHES can be found here: here: and here: but really, if you're a regular reader of my blog and you HAVEN'T checked them out already, then I am thoroughly ashamed of you. Hang your heads, you.

Oh yeah. Young Athletes League played too. They were first on. They were pretty sweet too. Some nice synth+laptop+guitarloops slightly Arthur Russell in style, but it's an influence. They're not apeing in any way. They live here: and here:

Right, well I was going to go to bed now, but the women's olympic curling final is on the telly. You lot go listen to some great music I've just given you links too, I'm gonna go watch some women in tracksuits push stones and sweep ice. That's how I roll.

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