Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Hey all.
Due to the ridiculous amount of spam I've been getting as comments on my blog recently, I have unfortunately decided that word verification and comment approval is now necessary. Don't worry, all your 'Oh Axl, don't be such a massive douche,' and 'Oh LOL Axl!!1!' comments will still all go up, I just need to weed out the stupid amount of 'miley cyrus nude miley cyrus nude miley cyrus nude' & 'hasjkhwud free xp3 hkjsHGDUI' etc etc type stuff that I've been getting.
I will only not approve of spam. Everything else will be approved, so keep commenting!

1 comment:

han said...

comment approval is like farting into a balloon and then handing it to someone else to pop.

this comment was brought to you courtesy of the verification word DERCHO