Wednesday, 25 November 2009

And Just When You Thought I Would Never Write About Them Again...

Saturday Night. The Star - Oxford. A group of people are sitting around a table having a drink and a chat. They're laughing. Spirits are high. Two guys who don't know each other are sitting next to each other. Guy number one turns to guy number two with his hand held out and says:

'Sorry, I don't know you do I? My name's Andy.'
'Hi, I'm Axl.'
'Axl. Oh, did you write a blog about my band?'
'Erm... I dunno, did I?'
'Yeah. I'm in Great Eskimo Hoax.'

In the space of the next half a second the following thoughts occur in Axl's brain.
*Oh fuck, he's gonna start on me.
*Oh shit, what do I say?
*Wow, I wish I wasn't here right now.
*Oh God, this is embarrassing.

After this half second is up, Axl simply resorts to putting his head in his hands and saying something like:

'Oh nooooooo.'
'Oh don't worry about it mate, I thought it was funny personally.'

A weight lifts from Axl's shoulders. Andy & Axl talk about the whole silly thing, and then move on to other topics of conversation. Both remain friendly and everything is fine, thankfully.

Yeah. For a moment I thought it might get hairy, but Andy was, and almost certainly still is, a nice guy about the whole embarrassing affair. One of the last things he said was to joke that I should write another blog about them. This is it. Nothing really to say, other than that Andy seems like a decent guy.

Oh, schools secretary Ed BALLS, I've once again forgotten what I was going to write about. I am a useless old bit of wet toast. No-one likes wet toast.
I need to start making lists of things I need/want to do. That would help.

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