Wednesday, 26 August 2009


This is probably going to be another banal and pointless post, but I'm just trying to make sure I write something, anything fairly often.
See, I get lazy, which leads to unproductivity which leads to lack of inspiration which leads to more laziness which leads to more unproductivity etc etc and sooooooo on.
Today at least twice I thought of great things to write about on here, but forgot them as soon as it came to write them.
The 300 project is going very badly and I'm considering aborting it altogether, but part of me isn't ready to give up totally on it just yet, even tho there are still 275 to write and I know deep down there is no way I am ever actually going to do it.

Last night me & Sweet G went to our mate Chloe's parents house which is big, beautiful and in Burford. Messers Lewis & Lewis and Madam Simpson were there also. We made pizza and played Trivial Pursuit. And drank booze of course. It was pretty awesome times.

I bought the new Brendon Burns stand-up dvd "Sober Not Clean" today, and it's fucking funny.
Almost as funny as "In The Loop" which I also bought. That film is so damn good.

Oxford now has a 'Hotel Chocolat' on it's high street, which means I am in danger of either a) gorging on expensive but amazing chocolate until I explode, or b) going bankrupt in an attempt to achieve a).

Today I have watched this about 10 times at least. It's insane and amazing and mental and awesome and totally bizarre and quite possibly absolute bloody genius.

Okay, look I know my blog is getting pretty dull, but I'm really trying to get into the habit of writing again. This will get good again, I promise. Just bear with me for a while, okay?


Well then you can just shove a load of origami flowers up yer jacksie as far as I'm concerned.

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lex said...

i'm gonna ride YOU like a fucking motorbike