Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Yet Another Million Pound Idea.

Yes. I went to The Star for about an hour or so in the evening just gone. In there I saw, among other people, Grundy. Some of us were talking about the dog in "Frasier", and were wondering if there is a specific name for trained animals who appear as characters in tv shows. Somehow this led into Shakespeare's "King Lear", which then led to me & Grundy coming up with this fantastic idea.

A production of "King Lear", with a cast made up entirely of trained animals.

We would have human actors off stage to do the voices, but all acting on stage would be performed by these trained animals. How awesome would that be? Of course on our wishlist for this production would be the dog who's Eddie on "Frasier", the PG Tips monkeys, "Skippy The Bush Kangaroo", and "Flipper".

Come on, how awesome would that be?


Pipsywoo said...

I'm sorry to tell you but the dog who played Eddie in Frasier died last year. So close and yet not enough.

Sad but true!

Grundy said...

aha! but his real life puppy son took his place. Axl, i had completely forgotten about this idea and just reading it made me realise how good it would be, and it also made me laugh and splutter into my angel delight (ok, tesco value strawberry milk whip).

I might put it forward to itv