Sunday, 4 May 2008

Smug Time.

You know those people who say things like "Well, I was into them before anyone else had even heard of them."? Wankers, right? Yeah. Well, I'm gonna be a wanker now, coz I wrote on my blog about the Italians Do It Better record label on 13/09/07 calling them awesome and ones to watch. Suddenly in the last month there's been an article on Drowned In Sound, a cover feature on Plan B magazine, and NME placed them number 14 in their (admittedly totally pointless and ridiculous) Future 50 list of who's going to shape the future of music.

Now it's on the path to becoming "Cool", and who told you about them first? Me. That's right. I did. I rule. Ha haha ha HA.

I would be able to write this better if I wasn't so full of meat. Had lunch today at "Carne", a Brazilian all you can eat meat buffet restaurant on Cowley Road. Don't go there if you're vegetarian, unless you want to spend 13 quid on standard fare salad and new potatoes. And even they probably have donkey embryos in them. No, it's all about meat there, and fucking good it is too. If you like meat and live or are in Oxford, go there. Seriously. You will not regret it.

Also, if the above 2 apply, you should check out "The Mission" on St Michael's Street (off Cornmarket St). Basically there are 2 options. Fajitas or Burritos. But they are bloody tasty.

I'm too full of meat to write anything else properly. The meat's in my brain. It's made me lazy. A good kind of contented lazy. Mmmmmmmmm.

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Le_Gore said...

Table for one at "carne" please. Sounds wonderful mmmm