Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Great Passport Application Disaster.

So, you may have noticed that it's been a while since a proper new post appeared on here. That's because, after a second time of failing, I told myself I wasn't allowed to do another blog until I filled in my passport application. I seem to have done it right third time. The fact that I did a little mini-post anyway was just to stop me going a little mad. I've become over the months, a little addicted to my blog.
But, I hear you cry, what was so tricky that it took you 3 goes at filling in your passport application Axl?
Well I'll tell you. The thing that stumped me both times previous, was the simple act of writing my name and address.
It made me seriously question my inteligence and sanity.
Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to spell your own name wrong?!
1st application: PAUL ASKEN.
No, sorry, that's a lie.
The N was backwards.
And I wrote my address and e-mail address wrong too.
Oh dear Axl.
Oh dear.

2nd application: After following advice from Micaela, I filled out my form in pencil first so that no mistakes would be made. Now, what I should have done was gone over the pencil with my pen and then rubbed out the pencil afterwards.
What I did was rub out the pencil first, then write in pen.
I rubbed out a line of my adress and put the next line in it's place, coz in my head the line I had rubbed out had already been written and didn't need to be again, so I wrote the next bit. Which cocked the whole thing up.

3rd application. Written in pencil. Gone over in pen. Am so paranoid of i going wrong that this takes a stupidly long time and I haven't dared rub out the pencil underneath in case the ink smudges and ruins all my hard work.

But it's done now.

Thank fuck for that.

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Pipsywoo said...

I'll laugh my head off if they say they can't accept it due to the pencil marks too...