Sunday, 10 June 2007

One Of The Ways That We Show Our Age

The other day a friend of mine said of a group of people, "They're like a bunch of grandads, sitting around listening to drones." Immediately in my head I thought. "That's what I do.", followed by "Fuck. Another sign that I'm getting old."
Coz I love sitting around listening to drone music. I'm doing it right now.
It didn't occur to me that this could be to do with age though. But I would never have listened to Stars Of The Lid when I was younger. It would have probably bored me. Now, I'm listening to them thinking "Fuck, this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard."
When the shop closed today I sneaked on the new Orbital live album that comes out tomorrow, and I couldn't stop smiling. Which was fine until suddenly I found myself thinking "They don't make them like this anymore."
ARGH! FUCK OFF, OLD MAN WHO HAS SUDDENLY TAKEN OVER MY BRAIN! I was meant to go to The Cellar last night, but instead chose the much quieter option of instead going home to eat some food, then go back to the Star for a quiet drink with no physical excersion. OLD MAN! My hair is getting more grey. OLD MAN! On Friday night I got really drunk and had a pain in my kidneys on saturday morning. OLD MAN! I prefer working in the Classical & Jazz department to the other shop floor departments at work. OLD MAAAAN!
What next? Am I gonna start listening to Country, wearing sock suspenders and taking cod liver oil? In years to come will I be buying compilations called "00Heaven." featuring the cream of the double zero decade when music was exciting and not like what you kids are listening to now with your post-sub-field-arse-rock or whatever the kids are listening to in 2030?

Roll on The Walk Off gig later this month. They make me dance like a child. That'll make me feel good again.


schmemma said...

it's ok..i've come to the conclusion that we old people are much better than the young people..stupid young people with their vim and vigour..bah..

Lardy Big Bot said...

Even when I was young, thrusting, thin and gorgeous, I was an old lady. Even though I listen to AVANT GARDE music, that makes no sense, I am an old lady. Even though I have rudey nudey art books, a well stocked cocktail cabinet AND loads of Tartan DVDs I AM an OLD LADY. It's just who I am.....and it's OK.