Thursday, 21 June 2007

Hello. I can't sleep, so I'm going to write a bit in an effort to tire my brain out and pass into a state of dreamy sleepy nighty snoozey snooze.

So, a couple of things.

1. I can't sleep because I'm still wired after my 12+ hour shift putting out the July sale stock. What fun. Yes, after the laughably hopeful estimate by our manager that we would be finished by 7 (HA!! As if!), I infact signed out at 22:20, in such a bad mood that I didn't even want to go for a drink. Now I can't sleep. It is a fact that annoys me.

2. I think I have a mosquito bite on my bum.

3. I must be tired, I've totally forgotten what I was gonna write here.

4. Last night's Permanent Vacation gig featuring Fuck Buttons headlining with support from Divine Coils & You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons was awesome. Fuck Buttons especially played an amazing set that was part noise, part drones, part dance, part minimal composition. All good.
My ears are still ringing, but I have almost all of my hearing back I think.

5. I am really sick to death of the battle of Axl's head. On one side there is the Hayfever which means the outside world makes it go a bit crazy. On the other side there in the Asthma which means that, as my room seems to get very stuffy (probably due to the sheer amount of crap that's in here), leaving my window shut makes it go a bit crazy. It's a no win situation. My only weapons are allergy pills and a fan to keep the air in my room constantly circulating. Don't ask me why that helps, I don't know.

6. Do my eyes decieve me, or has Matt Riley finally got round to posting a new blog entry?

Final thought: "It's all about the fucking goose now man."

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