Friday, 29 June 2007


I really feel I should write something on here coz I've been a bit lax recently. But I can't really think of anything.

I have been trying to write a questionaire to post on MySpace. It's harder than I thought coz I'm trying to make it unique and not the same old shit you get on all these. I want it to be suitably Axl style. I set myself a target of 20 questions. I've managed to get it up to 18. Some of them I'm very proud of.

I'm on Mostly just to prove that my music taste is better than everyone elses. I'm not sure if this will work or be proven.

This is pretty damn lazy, but I'm gonna paste in my last MySpace blog:

"The Walk Off and my body.

So yes. Last night I went to see The Walk Off. As ever they were totally fucking awesome and made me dance like a retarded child. Nothing new there then. However I would like to suggest that their gigs should come attached with health warnings. I have 2 fag burns on my arms, my hands hurt from punching the ceiling and my nose really hurts from accidentally headbutting Bevan, Alice and Clare. And my neck hurts from throwing my head around so much.

Totally awesome set from them though.

However subsequent embarassment and then me making a total tit of myself means that I am never going out ever again. Yes, it's a hermits life for me from now on. You may say that's a bit emotionally retarded, but then I do have a penis. So there.

So byeeeeeee."

I've been raving about The Walk Off since, well since February basically. They never disappoint. They are amazing. I fucking love them.

I'm going to eat soup and malteasers now. But not together. And I won't eat a beard. But I will eat mackerel. I'm going now before I start to describe chewing.

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schmemma said...

i can't find you on have to help can't prove that your music taste is better than everyone else's if no one is there to prove it to..