Sunday, 13 May 2007

Train Blog #2

This blog was written on the train to and from Leicester to go and sing on the new Youthmovies album.

12/05/07 - 8:49am:

Another train, another journey. Leicester this time, to be part of The Broken Throats Choir. There's a guy just over from me who's wearing a necklace that says "SDJTRY". I've been trying to work out what it possibly means. He's been looking thru his collection of old train tickets. He's in his 50's. I can tell by his general demeanour and way of moving that I'm probably gonna be just like him when I'm that age. But with a different collection, and I won't drink Capri-Sun, Coz that stuff's pretty nasty. Seriously, that stuff tastes like flat Panda Cola. It's wrong, I tell you.
A woman just gave me a dirty look for blowing my nose. Well obviously she is perfect and no unpleasent bodily functions happen to her, the kind of person who claims they never fart. Yeah, that's right, pixies come in the night to steal and store your gas in special suitcases which they then take back on their merry way back to Pixieland, where they use the gas to power their homes. Those economic, eco-friendly little pixies.
Seriously, people who say they don't fart are liars & twats.
I'm listening to "The Roots Of Dubstep" collection. I'm getting really into Dubstep at the moment. (9:21 - Coventry - Quite disappointing today actually. Som cute ladies, a couple of hotties, but not the abundance of beauty there normally is.) Ooooh, Excitment! The police just took someone off the train! Wonder what he did? We've left without him.
Anyway, Dubstep. I find it a really interesting genre. Something that started as Garage/Two-Step instrumentals evolved into something sparser and darker. It's really interesting how it's evolving, with other influences coming into play too & where different artists are taking it. Like how Burial has brought in a real ambient/soundscape sound to take it somewhere almost totally different. Or how there's quite a feel of digital dancehall/dub coming thru in some of the sounds, riffs and instrumentation that Skream uses in some of his work, and how Boxcutter takes Dubstep into the realms of Warp Records in it's prime. Dubstep is still a relativly very new genre. It's gonna be really interesting to see where and how it evolves, builds and goes from here.
I've used "Really interesting" a bit too much there. but this has happily taken my mind off the fact that once I'm in Leicester, I'm fucked coz I'll have no idea where I am or where I'm going. I tried looking on the internet, but was given about 9 different streets of the same name, all in Leicester, and when I tried a different site with a route finder, it gave me a walk that said it would take over 5 hours! Considering Al said it was a 10 minute walk from the station, I think that's probably not the street I'm after.

It wasn't. I got a map at the station for a quid, and it was indeed about a 10-15 minute walk away.

So now I'm on a train to London. Why, I hear you cry? Well, old numpty gubbins pot here got his times a bit confused. So I've just paid a stupid amount to go to London so I can get back to Oxford from there. All because I read 19:51 as 19:58. I'm going senile, I know it. Earlier on I called Andrew, Al. And I just realised I left my digital camera at the studio. But I'm not going to let this get me down coz I've had a fucking wicked day.
After getting to Leicester, I found where the studio was, and in quite a loserish moment, went to HMV coz I had time to kill. Found a couple of Dubstep albums I was after tho', so being a loser paid off. Went back to the studio to meet up with Youthmovies and we went to a pub to wait for other people to turn up. They did. At about 1ish, we all went to the studio.

I'm afraid that's where this blog ends. I know yer all dying to hear what happened next, and I will tell you, but at this point I fell asleep on the train. I got the Oxford Tube home and slept all the way on there too. Then I woke up feeling really rough, got home and slept for about 11-12 more hours. Clearly catching up on a lot of sleep I haven't been getting for the last couple of weeks.


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Grundy said...

"Seriously, people who say they don't fart are liars & twats"

that made me drop my bourbon on the floor due to a sudden snigger


(by the way, i mean chocolate biscuit. my drinking tastes haven't become posher)