Thursday, 10 May 2007

Another Day For You & Me In Paradise.

Traditionally, Tuesday is the "Day Of The Retard" at work, but today we had an overspill. Clearly one day just isn't enough for all of them anymore. We had the classic "Old Person Who Complains About Every Single Thing To Do With The Shop Because We Don't Have The Exact Specific CD They're After". She described everything as "Hateful noise." and said we had "Miles & miles of things no-one would ever want." completely failing to notice the well documented decline in poularity of classical music in the western world, and also the fact that a business simply cannot run unless people want what it has, but that second point is common sense, which we all know that some people just do not have. Luckily, I didn't have to hear any of this, Nik did. The complaining she did to me was while she was walking away so I have no idea what she said. This was closely followed by "Man Who Gets Overly Angry Because We Don't Have The DVD He Wants". This specimen will almost always never listen to what you try to say and instead get locked into "Aggresive Mode". Particularly weak specimens, like todays, will walk off when you try to speak, mumbling their complaints to themselves more than to you. Retard No. 3 was the lesser spotted "Man Who Chips In To Another Conversation/Event So He Can Vent His Own Particular Opinion On Something Unrelated", with the pearl of wisdom, "Maybe it was this music that pissed him off so much." Hahaha. Ahahahahaha. Oh well done. I do hope you didn't use your whole brain thinking up that one, we wouldn't want you forgetting how to breathe now, would we? Dick.

So yes. Work, a joy as ever. I do have more to write, but it will have to wait as I am very tired and need to sleep. I will try to do it tomorrow.

The Blog has truly landed!
This blog is dedicated to "Lardy Big Bot", my first blog reader who I don't even know. She is not a retard.


Lardy Big Bot said...

Awww you are the classiest thing!
AND as I used to work in record shops (best job... opening the import delivery boxes)I can totally sympathise with people coming in being twattish.

Lardy Big Bot said...

oh and FYI I did walk round town once with my skirt tucked into my knickers...that was more spazmodic than retarded though.

Pipsywoo said...

Wow, you've got an unknown reader, that is so cool, you are so cool.
I'm not that cool and never will be...damn shame!

Keep up the good work.

Fat Chan said...

I fucking miss HMV sometimes, I saw Dave on the bus the other day...........I love Dave, wish I could adopt him!