Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Axl's Adventures In Leicester/Youthmovies Blog.

So anyway, on Saturday I went to Leicester to sing on the new Youthmovies album. After leaving the pub (The Orange Tree. Nice pub. Gets bonus points for having a cider on tap that isn't fucking Strongbow or Blackthorn.) We went to the studio. I can't remember the name of the studio, but it's basically a converted flat above a Karate Dojo. It's a really nice studio too, I can see why they wanted to record there.
Anyway, Graham conducted us in some warm ups, and then we recorded our parts for one of two songs we will be appearing on.
(I should point out that "We" refers to The Broken Throats Choir. The collection of humans that made it to Leicester for the task in hand. Or mouth if you will. I was the only Oxfordian to make the journey.)
The first of the songs we recorded for, our parts consisted of single note & chord drones/held notes. We did this pretty well. They even got us doing four part harmonies at one point, which is harder than it sounds. Then we recorded some "Random" noises, also for the same song. I think. Lots of "Mmmm"s, "Ooooo"s, "Kaaaa"s, hissing, funny faces, and the occasional break down into laughter. And Paul (the guy who owns the studio) brought us a tray of water, which was real decent of him.
Then we had a break for a few minutes, at which point it became very apparent that almost everyone else was in a band or was involved in some scene that meant basically that I stood around like a lemon for a few minutes while everyone was being very cool talking about what tours they were doing or how projects were going and how new material was panning out. Muggins here was trying to not stick out like a sore thumb, but inevitably did. I even did that thing where you hover near someone you know just so you don't seem quite so out of place and show that infact yes you should actually be here.
Luckily this didn't last too long as we were called upon to record our vocals for the second songs we were to sing on. Proper lines with words in and everything. But first we got to hear the song.
It sounds really good. It's obviously unfinished, but it's clear that the ammount of time they've had this time round is really paying off. I cannot wait to hear the album as, on this small indication, and thinking how good the songs I've already heard them play live will be sounding like this too, it sounds like it's gonna be totally awesome, and something they can really be proud of.
Then we got played just our bit, so we could get a feel for how we would need to sing these words, then a couple of practice runs, then the real thing. I think we recorded at least 7 takes, and by the end my voice was starting to give up, but Ant and the guys clearly got something they wanted coz they were really complimentary about it.
And that was it. Broken Throats done. Back to The Orange Tree for a pint of Stowford Press.
Then just as I was about to go, Ham asked if I wanted to get some food. I was fucking starving. So me, Ham, Al & Graham trotted on to KFC for two big fat buckets of chicken. Back to the studio. Stuff faces.
It felt good.
Then they were setting up to do some guitar & organ drones for a track. I thought I should probably leave them to it, but them Ham asked "Can you film this?" Like I'm gonna say no to that! So I got to hang around listening to Al & Andrew play around with their guitars and various pedals, then hear them and Ham recording a take of drone. It was awesome. And yes, I did film it too. Which was cool. They even used some of it in their studio diary. And anyone who knows my voice will recognise me in the "Scrotogenic" exchange. Tee hee hee.
Then it really was time to go. My last train time was getting ever nearer. (read Train Blog #2 for all the hilarity that ensued with that.)
"Thanks for coming today."
"No, thankyou. I've had an awesome day!"
I really did.


Grundy said...

i've got a weird feeling that the orange tree is the pub where my mate works as the bar manager. i'll see him tonight and find out. im looking forward to the album though. I remember the Last Night Of The Proms song being really good at the Zodiac

Fat Chan said...

Jealous I am indeed, that sounded awesome, (yes I am an American snot nosed teen). Sounds like damn cool fun, ya bastard, next time I'm gonna hide in your bag and sneak up with you! Oh and because you a fat bald hairless chicken beaker I have disabled the moderation on my comments, to be honest I didn't even realise I'd put it on.