Friday, 25 May 2007

Dear "Yesterday Is The New Tomorrow"

(Ooooh! Another comment from someone I don't know! How exciting! Let's read it! Oh. Hmmm. It's from someone called "Yesterday Is The New Tomorrow" and it says "Judging by your extraordinarily poor use of the English language and obsession with profanity, I suggest you omitted the gravest problem in this country and the biggest failing of successive governments since 1945: education.")

I would like to apologise to "Yesterday Is The New Tomorrow" for my "extraordinarily poor use of the English language". You see M'lud, I may have forgotten to mention I was a little hammered at the time, and obviously my grasp of words was not what it should have been. Still, I do feel, however personally you form it, that you do have a point about education. Just probably not the one you're trying to make.
If people were educated properly, then maybe organisations like the BNP wouldn't be threatening to seriously hold some political weight. Maybe if people were educated properly they would realise that people coming over here stealing our jobs often have to work more than one job just to try and make ends meet because the jobs they do do are so low in pay. Maybe they woul realise that in fact not all immigrants are trying to sponge off the system and there are legitimate reasons for someone to want to come to this country.
So however pathetic your little personal dig was (seriously, you sounded like one of those guys who hangs around on forum sites all day slagging people off because they spell one word wrong), you do have a good point about education. Thankyou for pointing that out.

I do however not apologise for my use of profanity. I think it is a gross misconception of the modern age that use of profanity equates to poor education or some sort of lack in intelligence. I think people who comment/think like that are stuck up and arrogant, and think this probably because of their fantastic ability to use several words where in fact a couple will do.

Also, I had a look at your blog. Sadly it seems that you have no other interesting points to make. I do hope that this is not true, as you seem like quite an intelligent person yourself. It would be a shame to see that intelligence wasted on something as petty as small minded racism.

So if you do manage to think of another interesting point, then by all means do post it in my comments. It's always interesting to hear the other side of an argument. If however you have nothing more than sniping little comments and petty little hatred, then you can fuck off.


Lardy Big Bot said...

As a 36 year old housewife and mother of two I think that the word 'cunt' should be used far more in blogging. Anyone who complains about the use of profanity is a proper CUNTIST CUNTER from CUNTYVILLE....they should be rounded up and CUNTED with a CUNT STICK. That is all.

Fat Chan said...

I am certainly intrigued about this 'Cunt stick' of which has been spoken about............may I see one??? But yes Cunt is a fantastic word as it nicely symbolises what Yesterday Is The New Tomorrow really is, that and pond slime. Pass the slipper please!

lex said...

i overheard that cunt talking about a picture of kilroy pecking camilla parker bowles on the cheek in the daily mail, "this is the sexiest thing since the big brother race row!" he said.

Boil the bunny said...
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nicnaks99 said...

Who the "fuck" is this "yesterday is the new tommorow" wank?
I would just like to say....


as I am a poorly educated PhD student.

By the way Axl, love the blog!