Thursday, 10 March 2011

Olde Phone Notes #5

This one is a bunch of place names I noted down on the way back to Oxford from Sweet G's 30th Birthday weekend. It's not that I found them funny or cute or anything like that. I just, slightly patronisingly, found something really charming and quaint about them. Like they were stuck in a time period of about 200 years ago. Yeah, that does make me sound like a bit of a wanker, but read these and tell me there isn't something nice and old fashioned about them:

* Piddlehinton
* Troy Town
* Poundsbury
* Briantspuddle
* Sturminster Marshall
* Corfe Mullen
* "Chop & Ale House"
* Canford Bottom

And along with those I noted a place called Zelston, which to me sounds like the name given to a planet in some equally absurd sounding quadrant of space in a 1970's tv sci-fi drama series.

"Blake, we have entered the Geltorg quadrant and should be arriving at the planet Zelston very soon."
"Understood. Orac, can you calculate the make up of the atmosphere on Zeston's surface?"
"Jesus, Blake, can't the universes most advanced super-computer take a nap every now and then?"
"Just do it, Orac."

Errrrrrrm..... Yeah.

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