Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old Phone Notes #2, 3 & 4.

The next note was two quotes:
"Ugly sex is hot."
"I always go back to spit roast."

I can't entirely remember this, but I think my mate Anna who used to be on my college course said these. We were in a pub with another college mate, Humphrey. Think I just wrote them down because they made Humph and I laugh quite a lot.

Then comes:

I think this is a Japanese band I read a bit about in 'Wire' magazine that I wanted to listen to. Hang on...
Yes they are. And they "...feature members of OOIOO and Boredoms." Ooooooh. YouTube time.
First video: They're playing live. They're all wearing deer masks. Two people playing ikembes, two people playing glockenspiels, one person playing bongos. Quite mellow and hypnotic. I like it.
Second video: More live footage. More percussion heavy, similarly hypnotic groove music. I like this band.


Someone once described this as "Really filthy sounding dubstep" to me and I never got round to checking them out. Let's go.
First song, 'Guided Relaxation.' Yup. The description seems accurate.
Second song, 'Ice Cream.' Starts off a bit tamer and with a really irritating vocal, but starts getting pretty filthy about halfway through.
Third sing, 'Act Like A Ho.' See second song, but with filth starting about a third of the way through.
To clarify, filth here refers to distorted, squelchy sounding synth.
Hmmm, they do all kind of sound a bit the same though. Shame. Not enough to make me think this is someone I'll carry on looking out for.

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