Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old Phone Notes #1.

I've been trying to work out what to write on here for a while now. Quite a few times I've started a post and decided that I actually don't want to write it and so delete it. I can't even remember what any of them were about now.
Anyway, this means that it's been back to this blog looking a bit sparse. Today though I was in the pub with m'college colleagues Adam and Humph, when they started having a massive conversation about the programme 'Smallville.' Not giving a toss about Superman in general (I could just never really care about him) I decided to sort out the problem of my phone running out of memory. I discovered a ton of notes I'd left myself and never chased up on, written about or whatever it was I was meaning to do with them. I wrote all these notes down in my diary and am going to write about these notes on here. This is the first part of this potentially tedious project.
(Is it a project? I don't know, but if I call it one it might make it sound like a more interesting prospect to work and read through.)

The first note said:
"Techno Welshpool."
Now, I actually remember exactly why I made a note of this. I was watching 'Final Score' or the Sky Sports equivalent one day at work and they were including results from a Welsh football cup, and this team called Techno Welshpool came up. I thought it was the best name I had ever heard of for a football team. I imagined it would be the kind of name a European dance act would adopt. I imagined they would sound quite a lot like the band Scooter.
I Googled Techno Welshpool and found that a site called fanchants (dot) com has lyrics to a chant of theirs. It goes:
"Techno, techno,
Yeh techno, techno,
Yeh we are Techno Welshpool yeh!!!!!!!!!!!"
This has made me think even more that a European dance band really should adopt it as a name. If someone had said to me that those were the lyrics to a Scooter song, I would've believed them. Someone needs to snap this name up while they can.
Why not? We've had football team band names before. Saint Etienne, Kaiser Chiefs, and the first time I went to Paris, there were posters advertising a (then) new album by a band called Astonvilla. I never got round to hearing what they sound like. Maybe I'll look them up on YouTube now.
Oh. They sound like boring, middle-of-the-road rock. How disappointing. Oh well...

So there you go. That's why I noted that down. I reckon I've been meaning to write about that for about three years. And I've been meaning to hear what Astonvilla sound like for longer than that.
This phone notes thing already feels like a good idea. Which probably means it'll be tedious from here on. I do hope not.

P.S. Google also told me that the official name of Techno Welshpool is actually 'Technogroup Welshpool Town F.C." and that they are called this due to the fact that they took on the name of their sponsors. That's pretty weird. I mean, imagine if Manchester United suddenly changed their name to Aon F.C. ...

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