Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Right, so trying to ram a bunch of theory into my head, oh the joys of Russian formalism, structuralism, Marxism, materialism, binary systems, marzipanism, yadayadayadaism, and more besides I'm sure, has made every ism morph into one thing that I like to call "Dunnoism", because as they all morph into this blob in my my brain, all the sharp edges and details disappear and I'm left with just this smooth, grey spherical ism that looks exactly like nothing yet I know is supposed to mean lots of things and is vital to my course in some way. The really worrying thing is that other isms will no doubt come along all shiny and pretty, but once in my head will be assimilated into the "Dunnoism", instantly losing all sense of meaning and becoming one with the powers of "DURR."


Michael Buble's new album "Crazy Love" is out. Sadly, it does not include a cover version of "Amour Fou" by Vetiver. That is what always comes into my head when I see the words "Crazy" and "Love" next to each other. More specifically I think of the first time I went to Paris, which was with Emma, Johnny and Dawn, and how me and Johnny would sing "She wanted love, crazy love, love love love love crazy love," all the bloody time like we were infected with it or something. I'm pretty sure it drove Emma and Dawn mad by the end of it.

Talking of songs with the potential to drive you mad, I assume that you've all seen this by now, right?

Yeah, Emma's probably lucky I can't come up to Newcastle next week. I would probably drive her fucking mental with this. I can't get it out of my head, and I'm pretty sure I've been singing it while walking in the street. At least, I'm assuming that's what the weird looks I was getting in the street today were about.

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schmemma said...

you just made me go and download 'amour fou'.....'sexy shop, sexy shop, sex sex sex sex sexy shop..'....assome..