Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Internet Is Making Me Paranoid.

Facebook has started to make me feel like I'm a senile old man trying to converse with a museum full of statues. Twitter is starting to feel like I'm running up behind people and sticking post-it notes on their backs and then running away, not seeing that they've fallen off already. Worst of all tho, my blog, this blog, is being read by fewer people, and I lost a subscriber this weekend. This is making me start to feel like one of those mental preachers or bag ladies who stand around in the street shouting at passers by.

Oh internet, what have I done to displease you so? Have I let my standards slip? Do you want me to perform a ritual sacrifice? Would that put me back in your favour?


Listening: I listened to the new album by Russian Circles today. It's really pretty fucking ace, which I was very happy about a) now that Pelican have stopped making good albums, and b) because I wasn't that keen on their second album.
New album 'Geneva' is a heavy slab of instrumental rock that essentially just ticks all the boxes, but it manages to sound exciting and vital while doing it. It's not doing anything new, but it's doing what it is doing very well indeed. I will definitely be buying it.
Although I did wonder what Russian Circles would sound like doing an album of covers of songs originally by the 90's indie band Geneva. I reckon it would be quite interesting.

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Pipsywoo said...

I'm a statue who reads your blog and I think you're a funny fucker to boot! Hurrah!