Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Failed Pope Post.

I kept trying to write a blog post about the Pope's visit, but everytime I tried to write it, it either came across as too preachy and self-righteous, or just very dull, so here are some points that sum up the Pope's visit to the UK.

* What is the point of having a bulletproof car if you still have to have 8 security guards walking alongside it?
* I found the backlash against people opposed to the Pope and his visit from the people who didn't care one way or the other about it to be rather worrying. (What, we're expected to have this thing shoved in our faces all day every day and NOT react to it?)
* Constant, continual news coverage is kind of killing the quality of tv journalism. (I think Charlie Brooker has already well and truly covered that point much better than I ever could tho.)
* Some people said some stupid things.
* I cannot take the word "Popemobile" seriously.
* On the subject of the Popemobile, didn't it look and move like a massive motorised wheelchair?

* Some people said some really stupid things. One particularly stupid thing I copied and pasted from I can't remember where read, "I can't help but think it's the protestors who are the real bigots, not the pope. "thou shalt not have a different view to mine"=hypocrisy" which managed to give an opinion on the protestors while entirely missing every single point of the protests themselves. Now that takes some kind of Fox News style skill in the art of complacency.
* Fuck off, Pope.

There. A far, far less coherent post than it would've been, but one that can now have a little pin placed in it for the Potato Farm to move on from.

...and the next post will be something I hope you will all enjoy.

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Fat Chan said...

I've been meaning to blog post about the pope and haven't done yet, but your posts is basically what I was thinking. The pope can just fuck off, I'm not against religion (I think the fundemental concept is about just being a good person, which is a great idea) but ANYONE... ANYONE says it's wrong to be gay or doesn't punish those who abuse children under his authority be my human toilet. And those that support him can lick my bits clean with their tongue thank you very much.

Also why do I not know of a Jewish, Muslim, Sikh 'top dog'? Do they exist? If so why is it the Pope only who gets to swan about the world better than fucking royalty. If I have sex with a child, punch a gay person in the face and call everyone who has a brain cunts... I'd likely get arrested.

Fuck you pope... fucking, fuck, fuck, you

(this may become my blog post soon)