Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Sound Of 2010?

Right, so I'm back and feeling vaguely human again. One of the first things I saw on the BBC News site yesterday was the BBC Sound Of 2010 Longlist ( which can be found here: ). Now I remember Grundy last year asking me to write a blog about the 2009 list, and it was pretty fun to do, in spite of the rubbish that I had to listen to, so I'm doing it again this year. So here is my round up of what my first impressions are on the 15 acts that have been chosen, written as I listen to them.

#1 Daisy Dares You.
(Song: 'Daisy Dares You')
Daisy Dares You is the moniker of Daisy Coburn. She is 16 years old. She looks like a cross between Cindy Crawford and Avril Lavigne. She lists Kurt Cobain & Karen O as influences, and makes 'Impatient, impudent teen pop about friendship and families and fancying boys.' Do I really need to tell you what she sounds like? No. It's exactly what you think it sounds like.
At times it sounds like she's singing thru a vocoder, but I think that's just her bizarre sounding voice. It sounds like someone has told her to try and sing in a British and an American accent at the same time.

#2 Delphic.
(Song: 'Doubt')
Sounds exactly like New Order.
There really isn't anything more to say about it than that.

#3 Devlin.
(Song: 'London City')
Sorry, did he actually just say 'Bud, sweat and beers,'?!? He did!! That's what he's gonna call his album!!
There is a female vocal that sounds like when those people on YouTube do that 'Auto-Tune The News' thing. It sounds like a piss-take, but it's not. Then Devlin starts rapping. This is what N-Dubz will sound like when they grow up. Ever wondered what that will sound like? I can tell you, still not good.

#4 The Drums.
(Song: 'Let's Go Surfing')
Fuck me, these boys look like they've been styled for a Face magazine shoot.
Fuck me, they start the song with whistling.
Fuck me, they sound like The XX covering a 1950's surf-rock song.
Fuck me, this is fucking awful.
Worst song so far.

#5 Everything Everything.
(Song: 'My Keys Your Boyfriend')
Is that a stylophone in the intro?
Oh God, this is so 'Arty' it hurts. People will cream themselves over this thinking it's really unique and individual and original, completely ignoring the fact that it's posey nonsense.
I'm not entirely sure what it is that's most infuriating about this song. In fact I don't even know how to best describe it. It kind of sounds like an 80's New Romantic version of Battles. But Battles would do that a lot better than this, because they're Battles. These guys are just shit.

#6 Giggs.
(Song: 'Slow Songs' Feat. The Streets)
Oh God, do I have to listen to this? I bought this guy's 'Walk In Da Park' mixtape when it came out and it was fucking dreadful. Every hip-hop cliché you can think of rolled onto a budget beats-by-numbers backing track. It was so obnoxious. It had homophobia, misogyny, violence and arrogant bragging in the first three minutes and never stopped with it's boring boring regurgitation of everything that's become so boring about US chart hip-hop. Even his voice was boring. And all thru the mixtape was this grunting sound that sounded like he'd recorded himself having an orgasm and thought it would be a good idea to use it as a recurring theme for an album. You know, the way Missy Elliott has recurring sounds and words throughout her albums. Big difference is that Missy Elliott is fucking awesome and doesn't sound like she's constantly shooting her load.
Okay, fine, I'll listen to the song now.
Wow, and this guest verse from Mike Skinner is proof if it were still needed that he has completely fucking lost it.
This is one of the worst songs I have ever heard in my life.

#7 Gold Panda.
(Song: 'Quitter's Raga')
Oooh! This actually sounds interesting! Kind of a bit like Four Tet.
Interesting use of an Indian music sample. Difficult to do without sounding clichéd, but he just about gets away with it.
Nice to hear someone not resting on their laurels either, the beat chops & changes throughout.
Wow, that was short. Hang on, I'm gonna start it again.
Yes. Yes this is good stuff. I like it. I like it quite a lot in fact. I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears out for this guy.
Best song so far by fucking miles and miles.

#8 Ellie Goulding.
(Song: 'Under The Sheets')
Fairly boring, fairly standard pop song.
There's nothing really to say about it at all.
Although that is quite a nice bridge.
Second best song of the list so far.
Jesus wept, this is a dreadful list.

#9 Hurts.
(Song: 'Wonderful Life')
I've heard this before. I think there was a link to on the PopBitch newsletter or something.
Fairly boring, fairly standard pop song.
There's nothing really to say about it at all.
Oh come on Axl, have a go.
Okay then, ermmmmm... they sound like the Pet Shop Boys covering The XX?
Except that the Pet Shop Boys would somehow probably manage to make it good.
Axl, that's just shit and lazy of you.
Fine, you listen to this song and find something interesting to say about it then, but I'll tell you now that you won't be able to.

#10 Joy Orbison.
(Song: 'BRKLN CLLN')
I hate it already for that song title.
Hang on, this is alright actually.
Oooh, nice synth stabs.
Yeah, this is good. A building instrumental electro-dance track. There's some interesting stuff going on here.
What? It's over already? That's annoying, it sounded like it was just about to get real good. More of an intro than a complete song.
Real good stuff tho. I will be keeping eyes and ears out for this guy too.

#11 Marina & The Diamonds.
(Song: 'Hollywood')
Sounds like Florence & The Machine but with someone who isn't very good at singing. Say what you like about Florence & The Machine, that woman can fucking sing. This woman can't.
Awful lyrics too. ('"Oh my God you look just like Shakira", "No no you're Catherine Zeta", Actually my name's Marina.' Fucking Hell...)

#12 Owl City.
(Song: 'Fireflies')
My mate James told me that Owl City sound like Postal Service.
He wasn't wrong.
I hate Postal Service.
I don't hate this.
But I certainly don't like it.
It's pretty annoying.
It gets more annoying as it goes on.
Okay, I'm starting to hate it now.
Okay, I hate it now.

#13 Rox.
(Song title not given.)
A soulful pop number. This is quite good.
Inoffensive, nice, doesn't really do a lot, but it's alright.

#14 Stornoway.
(Song title not given.)
Ah. Local boys. What have you got to offer?
Some nice sounding folky stuff.
Not as good as Jonquil tho.
Jonquil do this kind of thing better.

#15 Two Door Cinema Club,
(Song title not given.)
This lot sound like so many guitar-pop bands of the last three years that this just sounds generic and boring. These guys have nothing new to say.
They're not bad tho. Just a bit nothing, really.

So there we go. A fucking dull list livened up by a couple of great tracks.
Last year when I did this I summarised it with a top three, so I'll do that again:

1. Gold Panda.
2. Joy Orbison.
3. erm... well, Rox, I suppose. Might have chosen Stornoway, if Jonquil didn't exist.

P.S. Cartoons will be resuming soon. Promise.


schmemma said...

gold panda is awesome - you should check out all of his eps, especially the 'miyamae ep'..the first track, 'back home', is divine....

Pipsywoo said...

Hurts described themselves as "Noir 'n' B"!!! Which made me laugh in many ways...although I know nothing about new music, nothing at all!