Monday, 14 December 2009

Sexiest Song Lyric Of 2009.

Right. I have an exam in about 44 minutes and I've pretty much done all the notes and revision I'll be able to do, so I'm going to practice writing something, as I will be needing to do that for a couple of hours.

Right. So the end of year lists and opinions and whatnots have been sprouting up all over the place, and I thought that what with my slight occasional pre-occupation with dreadful lyrics, I would celebrate what I consider to be one of the best song lyrics I've heard all year. It is definitely the sexiest. What makes it so so good is just the sheer simplicity of it. It's one of those lines that should really take no effort to think of at all, and yet you hear it and it's so simple, effective and perfect that you can't quite believe you've never heard it used before.
The lyric I'm talking about is from the song 'Bad Things' by Jace Everett and it quite simply goes:

'I wanna do bad things with you.'

Fuck, when he sings that line you wanna let him do bad things with you. It is FILTH. PURE FILTH. That is base animal lust compacted into 7 short words. It boils down every carnal desire you've ever had to it's basic root feeling. That sentence is so fucking powerful, in my mind it destroys virtually any other lyric ever written.
Come on, who can't relate to that sentiment? EVERYONE has felt that exact feeling at at least some point in their lives, that pure feeling of just wanting someone.
It's the exact feeling that so many others try to dress up and make fancy and hide with metaphor that when someone comes along and just so simply sums it all up so perfectly, it's breathtaking. Seriously, when I first heard that lyric I went a bit weak at the knees.

So simple.
So effective.
So so sexy.
So so GOOD.

The computers in this library are shit, so I can't post a link to the song on YouTube like I was going to. Booooooooo!

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