Friday, 9 January 2009

Don't Believe The Hype.

At the moment, anyone involved in the UK mainstream music press/industry seems to be bored and have decided to try to force Florence & The Machine into our ears and eyes. Apparently they are going to be 2009's hip & fresh & exciting new big thing.

Make no mistake. Florence & The Machine is/are not doing anything new and exciting, of even interesting. So can everyone stop saying that this act is exciting please? Her voice is not distinctive and original. The songs are boring and annoying. Need convincing? Someone on Radio 2 described her as "Kooky". I don't think I need to say anymore really, do I?

You know what? You want a female act who's doing something interesting? Check out Fever Ray, the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson from excellent band The Knife. Her new song "If I Had A Heart" is ace. A slow burning throb of a pop song. Far more textured and interesting than anything I have heard by Florence & The Machine. But of course, they/she are/is the ones/one (jesus/god this is getting/becoming dull/boring) who will win over in the end, because the powers that be have deemed it so.

Depressing. Please please please check out Fever Ray instead. I've even re-posted this blog with a proper link to the video on it! Go! Check it out! Go now!

If I Had A Heart | Video

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Grundy said...

Have you heard Whie Lies? Another new band being tipped by everyone. They deserve the title of the 'how-many-currant-bands-can-we-sound-like-and-blag-a-career-from' award. Its like LasFranzKillersitors.

Grundy said...

I think I've spelt currant wrong there but fuck it