Friday, 26 September 2008

End Of An Era.

So, on Monday I am to become a student. I am being inducted into Ruskin adult college on their "Creative Writing & Critical Practice" course. Now I'll obviously have to don some sort of golfing gear, tie myself to a slag and go round pubs SHOUTING REALLY LOUDLY ABOUT HOW I WANT A HALF PINT OF LAGER AND IN 5 MINUTES WE'RE OFF TO THE NEXT PUB, ALRIGHT GUYS?!

This also means that after almost 7 years, I am no longer a full time employee of HMV. Which is fucking awesome. My last full time day was yesterday. I'm still gonna be doing weekends, y'know for the money and that.

What surprises me is how much I'm really not going to miss it at all. Working in a shop for the last 7 years has been like watching the slow deterioration of the human race happen before my very eyes. People actually are getting more stupid and more lazy. And more rude. A HELL of a lot more rude.

Hmmm... this may have to be finished at a later date, as I don't really seem to have a lot to say about the whole thing right now.

In summary then: I only work weekends now and from Monday I will be a student. Go me.


The Purple Gooroo said...

It was good to see you today, man! Good luck on the course and congrats on going part-time. I'll stop by again soon.

I saw Matt Parker as well, he's gone part-time as well. He's doing an electrical apprenticeship, apparently.

Pipsywoo said...

Does that also mean that when you the pub at the bottom of the hill, with said slapper, in said attire, I have to repeat the below sentence about 10 times, especially when you reply with "but what about if you just serve me?".

Below sentence = "We don't do Pub Golf"!!!

schmemma said...

congratulations!! welcome to'll be happy here..(hell, i'm so happy i've stayed for 6 years) xx

Fat Chan said...

Enjoy the student life my man, it's a drunken haze of an existence sure to leave it's mark on being gang-raped by a rugby team....the images shall never leave you! xx