Saturday, 2 August 2008

Possibly The Best Customer Story Of My 6+ Years At HMV.

Can't remember if this happened early this week or late last week:

Customer walked into the basement. He was on his phone. He walked up to me.

Customer: "Do you have any brown items?"
Me: "Sorry?"
Customer: "Do you have any brown items?"
Me: "Brown items?"
Customer: "Yes. I think he's a blues musician."
Me: "I've never heard of Brown Items. I'll have to look it up."

I was walking over to the computer when he stopped me.

Customer: "Sorry, sorry. Brown Idols."
Me: "Brown Idols?"
Customer. "Yes."
Me: "I'll look it up for you."

I looked for Brown Idols on the computer system. Nothing came up.

Me: "Nothing's coming up for Brown Idols I'm afraid."
Customer: "No?"

I double checked just in case.

Me: "No. Nothing at all I'm afraid."

Guy listened to whoever was talking to him on his phone.

Customer: "......................................................................Bryan Adams."

Pause as I force myself to not laugh.

Me: "Bryan Adams is in the Rock & Pop section on the ground floor."
Customer: "Oh, OK, thankyou."

Customer left. Then I nearly laughed up the contents of my stomach.


The Purple Gooroo said...

BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! "Brown Idols"..I'm going to call him that from now on.

In other news, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Albert Collins, Rory Gallagher, et al. are spinning in their graves by having *Bryan Adams* called a 'blues musician'.

fudge said...

probably my fav. axl story. amazing! the general public & their brown items. isn't adams a country soft rock willy? i wouldn't be surprised if he were catalogued under country, you know, with nickelback being catalogued with metal--you just never know with HMV!

Fat Chan said...

Sweet jesus that's bloody hilarious, what the hell is wrong with people these days......although calling Bryan Adams some 'Brown Items' probably isn't a great deal far from the truth...........maybe it's the subconscious speaking.

Pipsywoo said...

But Axl, Brown Items is one of my favourite artists, how could you not have heard of him...

Gem said...

Mmm good but what about when we had that spanish student walked up the main counter (I think it was Barker) and called him 'Baastaard'. Luckily before Security bundled her out the shop for being rude, we realised she was asking for Busted.....