Tuesday, 15 July 2008

But What If

the sun and the moon and the stars and the coal and the james and the rail and the love and the road and the price of the sides and the graft and the thrift and the toil and the foil and the grail and the hail and the goal and the love and the laugh and the trousers and the draft and the graft and the only one who walks n and gives you a kiss on the cold autumn nights when the barley is when the aphids are when the crops are when the dance is when the apricots when family when terraces we rave and we try and we ground ourselves in impossibility always praying always dreaming always within reach of our desires but never able to touch the romance the evidence the trailers run waiting waiting harmless but waiting failing falling before our eyes returned to the scent of our lovers past and present years upon years of judgment who is sorry now that returns are made in a valiant stance refined at a glance reported by the men of the often outdated who realises that ummmmmmmmmm distinction is tantamount to individuality is respected by the fringes but rejected by the masses molasses destruction a wilderness crayfish the cats meow the sun still shines down the rest is unguarded as if it were unwanted as if as if as if it decide that the world was not the world that was ready to bear it's children destroyed by greed and the brotherhood of man greatly received first second and third in a foregone conclusion this hierarchy is unpleasant it stinks it's corrupt but it tastes so good it's unbearable rust revolving rightly save now or act lightly mouse bearing a family an apple a cherry a final word a lasting turn a learning curve a noticed verb a twisted herd bearing down on me for all eternity.


Anonymous said...

someone had a bit too many pope gregory IIIs? x

Fat Chan said...

uuuummmmmm, pardon?

Mr Axl said...

Yeah, sorry guys. Pope Gregory III got the better of me on this one.